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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Having raced competitively since 2013 Oscar Targett is making waves in the motorsport community. His already impressive wrap sheet has seen him cut his teeth in the Australian Micro Max Championship and work his way through a number of Australian Karting competitions to compete in the sport’s top level KZ2.

Round Two of the European KZ2 Championship was a very successful one for me. I only have 3 races left here in Europe in my current program with one being the World Championship and with the progress we have made I am excited about what we can achieve at these upcoming events.

PRACTICE & QUALI - Thursday and Friday included 7 x 15 minute practice sessions. We struggled throughout the first few sessions with kart setup with the quickly evolving track. After the ridiculous amounts of rubber had built up and become consistent, we worked hard and found a good balance and started to really hit our stride. Throughout the following 3 practices we were consistently in the top 5 in my group and top 15 overall. A gear lever issue was enough to cause me a small problem in qualifying which lost me a tenth and forced me down to P5 in my group and P19/83 overall.

HEAT RACES - All 5 heats I started out of P7. Whilst it was a good starting position it made it a bit difficult to have consistent top 5 finishes in the heat races which was necessary to gain a good starting position for the final. 4 out of 5 heat races were good where I finished in 7th, 6th, 4th, and 3rd. I had one bad heat where the Red Bull Junior driver, who was starting in front of me, stalled on the line which forced me onto the grass and back to 25th position before the first corner. A good recovery to 11th didn’t affect my starting position for the final too much but still wasn’t ideal. I was happy to be starting the final in P12 and was confident we could move into the top 10.

FINAL - A great start moved me up to 9th position by the end of the first lap. After some hard fighting throughout the early laps I moved up one more to P8 and held this position for the duration of the race. Once again this weekend has been a huge step forward for myself and now, I am confident I can run inside the top 15 in the following 3 races along with some of, not only the best kart drivers but racing drivers in the world. Including former & current European and World Champions, ex F1 drivers, plenty of F1 Junior Academy drivers and also professional karters that are being paid to race. Thank you again to everyone in your support of my journey up until this point and I can’t wait to get home and back to the track with everyone again soon.



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